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How I Got Hooked on Traveling!


How travel became a big part of who I am✨

Part 1


🍏 elementary school- avid reader, enjoyed reading about far off places, daring sword fights , and princes in disguise! (if you caught that reference, we’re besties now)


🦋middle school- my grandmother, an explorer and adventurous soul passed away and my family set course to Jamaica with hopes of exploring land that she purchased. Jamaica was one of her favorite places.


🤯 high school- a group of people came to my school in Culver City ( a predominantly white school) and opened my eyes to the chance that I could go to college and travel the world, at the same damn time!!!


👩🏾‍🎓college- walked into the study abroad office at @cau1988 and told Mr. Brown I wanted to study abroad in Spain ASAP. Realized Europe is expensive af and switched to Costa Rica. One of the best choices in my life. Officially addicted. ...

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