• Tyler Janeé

Why Am I Hosting a Travel Workshop!?

On the (long) flight back from Iceland, I sat in my economy seat pondering "What comes next?" This an idea I have been wondering about but never actually giving myself time to jot down ideas and plans and what comes next. Why? First off, I have a full time job as an educator, which is extremely rewarding but exhausting. Secondly, brain farts are real. When I do get the chance to sit down and think about what I can offer the world, I draw a blank. On this 9 hour flight from Reykjavik, I literally had nothing but time and brain space. I knew I had to get it together. This was my thought process..

1. What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy traveling, talking about travel, planning my own trips, educating others (aha moments), taking adventures, watching Sci-Fi movies, and eating anything Mexican or Mediterranean.

2. What do people mostly ask your advice for?


Solo Travel

Finding Affordable Flights

How to start traveling

Traveling as a woman/ a black woman/just traveling while black

3. What information could you give out to the world and feel good about doing it?

Relationships- nah, I'm still getting played myself so that's off the list.

Solo Travel- well yea, I've lived in 4 countries alone, I can bring some expertise on that

Finding Affordable Flights- omg yes, that's my favorite thing to do

How to start traveling- omg yaaaaas, I love showing people how to plan their own trips

Traveling as a woman, a black woman, and just traveling while black- hell yes, so many positive experiences I could share to alleviate the fear of traveling for others.

4. What can you do with this information?

I can teach people how to plan travel on a budget, motivate new travelers by giving them actions steps to begin, and connect like-minded individuals who just want to know how the hell it's done! I can host a travel workshop!

This is literally how I scribbled in my notebook (along with doodles of stars) on my 9 hour flight back to LAX. This is a project I am super excited about! However, that was only for 3 of those hours, the other 6 hours are projects that are in the developing stages. What else is Tyler Janee' going to come up with next!?