• Tyler Janeé

7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Iceland

Ohhhh my goooooood. When I say I fell in love with Iceland, I fell hard. Like that omg.. this is really happening...butterflies.. should I do this?.I don't care, doing it anyway love. Over the past 2 years, I've been hearing about this island and wondering what on Earth is there to do in the snow all day? Aren't people like fishing in the holes with the igloos? Yes, I was ignorant but not anymore!!!! I gave it a chance and it gave me the experience of a lifetime. Keep reading to find out 7 reasons to fall in love with Iceland!

1. Snowmobiling on a Glacier Out of all the craziest things I've ever done, snowmobiling had to be one of the top 3. Not only are you snowmobiling, but you're doing it on a glacier!! From Reykjavik, I boarded a bus with Reykjavik Excursions which including a Golden Circle Tour (more about that in number 5) and snowmobiling. Once we got to a certain point, we switched into this giant crazy looking bus that was capable of driving through snow to our site. When we arrived, it was so cold, like 10 degrees or less cold and I started to question my decisions. We switched into these warm jumpsuits over our clothing and were given a helmet, face protector, and gloves. They gave us a 5-minute lesson and we were out in the snow. I traveled solo dolo so I was a little nervous to have to drive the thing alone but I met another woman who was traveling alone and we were able to pair up. After about 30 minutes driving, I started to get more comfortable and my partner didn't want to drive at all. SCORE. Driving on a blanket of snow in the middle of nowhere was exhilarating and is a must for a trip to Iceland!

2.Galaxy Pod Hostel Some people tend to say that Iceland feels like an alien planet. Driving through the country has many different landscapes which make you feel like you're in some strange land sometimes. Well, this hostel wanted to bank on that! They created these really cool pods that are straight out of Sci-Fi movie. The pod costs about $50-$60 per night and has everything you need. Being that I am the biggest Sci-Fi nerd ever, I was in paradise.

3. Affordable to Get To

Wow Airlines, a new and upcoming airline, has these crazy affordable flights from the U.S directly to Iceland. I purchased my ticket for $275! Yes, my friend, that's round trip. With Iceland becoming such a popular tourist destination, the airline has these awesome stopover tours that allow you to stop in Iceland for a couple of hours to a couple days on your way to Europe. Being that WOW Airlines has these drop dead deals, they do charge for almost everything. From drinks (on your 9-hour flight) to carry-ons, it's going to cost you. However, I still saved hundreds of dollars with the added expense. Plus the seats are pretty comfortable and my legs had more than enough space.

4. Black Beaches

This is what I meant when I said alien planet. I know there are black beaches in other places, but this particular beach wins the cake. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach has this really eerie feel to it. There are beautiful caves and dangerous sneaker waves all in the same proximity. Guides reminded us that yes the beach is beautiful, but mother nature is a beast. We had to be very careful not to stand to close to the water because the waves came out of nowhere and the tide would rise really quickly. If you follow the guides rules, it's a view you can't miss.

5. Waterfalls + Volcanoes+ Geysirs Iceland isn't called the land of fire and ice for nothing. With glaciers and volcanoes being so close to each other, some even on top of each other, it's become a cool lesson in Earth Science. During my trip, I was able to see the popular tourist attraction called the Golden Circle. It's a route that has amazing waterfalls, a geysirs, and cool information about the history of Iceland. I'm a sucker for waterfalls and seeing them in the winter was a completely different experience.

6. Trolls and Elves The majority of Icelanders believe in elves and trolls. Again, a sci-fi dream come true. These folktales go far back into their history even though most phenomena they claim to come from these beings have been scientifically explained. During our tour, we passed these 3 giant rocks in the water and the Icelanders believed that they were giant trolls were turned into stone and petrified after they forgot to pay attention to the sun. I enjoy hearing the stories and I feel like it adds more character to the Icelanders.

7. Blue Lagoon Lastly, the most popular tourist attraction in the country of Iceland..The Blue Lagoon. This has to be one of the most romantic places I've ever been. This man-made lagoon reaches 100 degrees and is full of minerals. At first, I was nervous because it was literally about 15 degrees outside. How on Earth was I about to walk outside..barefoot..to hop in some water? Thankfully, they had an indoor entrance that helps with the transition into the water. Swim up bars, algae face masks, and cuddled up behavior was all around. Fortunately for me, I met this really cool guy who I was able to float around the water with which made it a lot of fun. Heeey Richie.. lol Note: The Blue Lagoon says to keep your hair out of the water due to the silica which can make your hair really dry. I've come to the conclusion that that is correct. However, who knows when you will be back? I chose not to worry about my hair being dry and enjoy the moment. My hair returned back to normal the next day and I don't regret my choice

Iceland is truly a place like no other. Looking to learn more about Iceland as a country? Check out my article ..