• Tyler Janeé

7 Reasons Why Traveling Is Like Being in Love

I don't know about you but I love to love. It takes me on a wild roller coaster ride where sometimes I'm dying to do it again while other times...I want to vomit. With Valentine's day around the corner, I realized although I wasn't in a relationship I was still soooo in love. Here are 7 reasons why traveling is like being in love!

1. It gives you butterflies

Traveling gives you mad butterflies. The moment you step into a new country and feel the sweltering humidity or bone-chilling air you can't help to be proud and excited to have made it this far. It's the same once you start to fall in love. It's exhilarating, powerful, and unexplainable.

Cape Town, South Africa

2. It makes you forget reality..for a short while

You know that feeling you get when it's just you and your significant other alone and happy. You feel like nothing outside matters. When traveling, you can forget all the drama at home and really enjoy NOW. Eventually, you realize life isn't perfect and problems WILL arise but the beginner's bubble feels good while it last.

Cape Town, South Africa

3. You're a different person because of it

When you return home from a vacation or living abroad you realize you are no longer the same person you were before. All this knowledge and experience makes you feel brand-new and you might even have a little pep in your step (insert emoji eyes). Same thing applies when you're in love. You have a new mindset and you feel capable of anything.

London, United Kingdom

4. You want to share it with the world

When you're in love you want everyone to see how happy you are! You want to share your experience with everyone close to you. Now some people won't share the same enthusiasm about travels due to a number of different reasons but hey they won't rain on your parade! Travel photos are exactly the same. Share em anyway!

Cairo, Egypt

5. One bad experience can ruin your outlook

Some relationships don't work out and they cause you to question relationships going forward. You can be a bit apprehensive about falling in love again. The same thing applies to travel. Due to cultural differences or racial misconceptions, some locals may treat you a certain way. This can cause you to be afraid to travel and you may associate future travel with your previous negative experiences. It's important to not let one incident deter you from exploring the rest of the world....or falling in love again.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

6. It takes you on a roller coaster ride.

Being in love is a constant roller coaster ride. Sometimes you're excited and full of happiness and joy while other times you just want to go home. Sound familiar? When you're traveling you go through these same emotions. The beginning days of travel you can't wait to explore and take photos and share with your friends this amazing experience you've just unveiled but 5-6 days go and now you're feeling uncomfortable and a bit homesick. You're out of your comfort zone but it feels so damn good.

Costa Rica

7. It's life-changing

You never will forget the way it made you feel!!! It's breath-taking,

nerve-wracking and beautiful all at once. It gives you confidence and makes you feel invincible but even if it doesn't turn out the way you want, it's still a part of life you won't forget

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

add this to your traveling playlist!

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