• Tyler Janeé

Flying with Ryan Air? Don't Make These 5 Rookie Mistakes

While searching for a well-priced flight for my holiday trip from Madrid to the U.K, I came across a one-way €21/$22 flight and my eyes lit up with joy....until I saw the airline. It was Ryan Air, the infamous European airline who is notorious for racking up on traveler's small but costly mistakes. Unsuspecting travelers are eager to book the airlines insanely low-cost flights to travel around Europe but tend to overlook the small print. After much research, my Ryan Air flight was a success and no outrageous fees damaged my bank account. Here are 5 rookie mistakes you CANNOT afford to make while flying with Ryan Air.

Rookie Mistake #1 - Not Printing Your Boarding Pass

This is the number 1 rookie mistake! The fee for not having your printed boarding pass is upwards of $100. Unlike other airlines who allow you to have a mobile boarding pass which can be scanned, Ryan Air simply does not. No amount of angry yelling, crying, or educated letter writing can save you from this fee. This is also the easiest mistake to avoid. Simply print your boarding pass and put it with your passport and you will be ready to go.

Rookie Mistake #2 - Not checking in online

Sometimes it's easy to forget to check-in. I've done it a few times and just walked right over to a kiosk to handle it and then I was on my way. Nah, with Ryan Air, you don't have that luxury. The fee for using the airport kiosk to check-in is $45 dollars/euros. Save yourself some money and just check-in online at home. Easy peasy lemon breezy (is that even right?)

Rookie Mistake #3- Changing the name of the person on the flight (or misspellings)

Let's say that something comes up and you can no longer fly. Instead of letting the money be wasted, you offer the flight to a friend or family member. In most cases, people would be delighted to pay for your awesome $22 dollar flight to Rome from Madrid but unfortunately, there's a fee for that. Name changes or common misspellings will take you back about $50 dollars/euros.

Rookie Mistake #4- Missing your flight

I am completely aware that things outside of our circle of control happen that can cause us to miss flights. Most of the time, it's those things INSIDE our circle of control that are the culprits. Waking up late and forgetting the day of (yes I did this) will cause you to pay the outrageous fee of $100 dollars/euros which in most cases would buy you 2 roundtrip Ryan Air tickets and a Happy Meal.

Rookie Mistake #5- Fretting over baggage

This is the least of your worries. For free, you are allotted a carry-on item under 15 kilos/ 33 pounds and a personal bag such as a back-pack, purse, or laptop bag. Your checked bag should be under 25 kilos/55 pounds and you can be charged anywhere from 10-45 dollars/euros depending on if it is high or low season. PAY FOR YOUR BAGS ONLINE WHEN YOU CHECK-IN. In the airport, you will be charged anywhere from 25-50 dollars/euros extra if you don't.

See! That wasn't too bad. Follow these easy rules and your Ryan Air experience will be a little tight on the foot space but not tight on your wallet!