• Tyler Janeé

Tired of Friends Flaking on Travel Plans? Here are 8 Group Trips You Should Know About!

You and your friends see these amazing photos on Instagram from a trip to Thailand and everyone is ready to plan a trip and look for airfare. 3 months before the trip date, people start falling off the face of the Earth. They start ignoring the group trip text messages. Someone doesn't have the money or can't take off of work while other friends can't find a babysitter or simply don't want to go anymore. It's a never ending cycle. You love your friends but you're tired of holding off on your dreams to see the world and experience new cultures and ways of life. You hear about everyone and their enjoyable experiences "traveling solo" but you're not ready to take that big of a leap quite yet. What are your options?


Before I became a solo traveler (doing everything solo) I traveled with a group company. I got on a plane alone and met up with other like-minded travelers who wanted to connect and travel with other people. Our trips were organized with daily itineraries and everything was taken care of. After this trip, and talking with other solo travelers I realized that traveling alone wasn't as scary as previously noted. If you are ready to take the next big step here are 10 group trips for 2017 that you should know about!

1. Cuba - Black Girls Travel Too

Enjoy 9 days and 8 nights in the vibrant country of Cuba! Black Girls Travel has awesome included activities such as Salsa dancing lessons, Cuban-style cooking classes, and waterfall trekking. Oh, and a professional photographer comes along! Heeey Insta!!

2. Barbados - black girls travel too


Head down to Barbados the exciting Crop Over Festival with Black Girls Travel Too. Who doesn't want a chance to try on the flamboyant colorful costumes? This trip is 7 days and 6 nights full of intense excitement and fun (+21).

3. Thailand - Up in the air life


Now is your chance to book a trip to Thailand....for the NEW YEAR! How awesome would that be to ring in the 2018 New Year all the way across the world for 7 days and 6 nights? Up In The Air Life takes care of everything from your luxury hotel stay to your nightclub entry. They have everything under control. All you have to do is pay and get ready for a wild ride ( and I heard their Swag Bags are amazing).

4. bali - tn experiences (travel noire)


Travel Noire, one of the biggest forces behind the black travel movement, is now providing not tours but experiences. This company prides itself on traveling like a local. Bali is becoming a popular destination to visit due its laid-back people, natural beauty, and spiritual atmosphere. Explore the Indonesian island with other travelers while making connections to last a lifetime.

5. India - nomadness

Participate in the Holi Festival of Colors with Nomadness! This festival of love is known for its bright colorful powders and is one of the best events to enjoy in India. Nomadness is known for providing authentic experiences for diverse millennials and is popular throughout the travel community. There are various options to choose from with one taking you to the famous Taj Mahal. Move quickly because these tours are known to sell out!

6. Jamaica - road affair

Jamaican based travel bloggers, Ben and Jazzy have created a travel itinerary to help more people explore the real Jamaica. On this trip, you will have a local insider view into Jamaica's hidden gems for 8 days in a small group. This trip is for you if you prefer authentic and simple over luxurious and lavish. It's not your ordinary Sandals getaway!

7. spain and italy - g adventures

G Adventures is a small adventure travel company that supplies lots of great trips at affordable prices. This experience would be fast paced with explorers moving from city to city in coaches full of 18-35 year olds. If you are willing to move at a quick pace and don't mind staying in hostels along the way, these tours may be for you!

8. france - contiki tours

For my first solo trip to Europe, I used Contiki tours. The days were extremely fast-paced with extra excursions and activities you could pay for. I was able to visit 4 countries in 9 days to get a little taste of Europe for the first time. This tour company also caters to 18-35 year olds with most being in the low 20's. I would recommend Contiki but be prepared for a party and crazy wild nights.

" There just no telling how far I'll go"- Moana

Did I miss any awesome travel groups? If so, drop a comment below!