• Tyler Janeé

12 Things I Took For Granted When I Lived in America

After one month of living in Spain, I am crazy stupid homesick. Going to the grocery store, taking money out of the ATM, and even asking for directions become daily hassles and they are exhausting. I tend to look for comfort in the small things to bring me closer to home but in doing so I realized that many of those comforts simply don't exist in my new home. We fault America for a lot of things and I will be the first to tell you that we have a long way to go in terms of tolerance, acceptance, and racism but it's where I call home. Not only do I miss my little brother begging for Youtube subscribers and my Aunties wild antics but it's the everyday things that I took for granted.

Free Refills

In America, we are so used to our glasses being filled whenever they are half-empty. It is someone's job to make sure that we stay hydrated but in most countries such as Spain, forget about it.

Movie Theater Nacho Cheese

Oh, this makes me want to cry just thinking about it. In South Africa, they make nachos with Doritos which should be against the law. Here in Spain, the cheese consistency is just all wrong. Why me?!

Always Having Someone to Help Me

Back home I always had someone to rely on. If anything happened someone was just a call away and I never worried too much about safety because I knew what areas were safe or unsafe. Abroad, it's only your wits you use to survive. At some point, you have to trust a stranger which is simply a part of the experience.

Netflix and Hulu Plus

So, these don't work abroad. Yes, you can download certain programs on your computer to try and make it work but you don't get the same shows or your bookmarked movies.

Heinz Ketchup

I'm not sure what diluted tomato paste is being used in European countries but it is not ketchup. It has a bitter taste and comes out more like water than a dollop of deliciousness.

Stores Open All Day

In Spain, stores close in the middle of the day. You have two options, either go in the morning before work or when you get off. I miss the convenience of getting things when I need them whatever time of day.


You know those days where you a little bored and you need to do something to preoccupy your time? That was what beloved Target was for. Where else am I suppose to waste time? Whose dollar section can I peruse now?!

Free Restrooms

If you're in a public facility such as a train station, airport, or park you might have to pay to use the restroom. I respect the hustle and in my opinion, it keeps the restrooms cleaner. However, those days when I NEED to go and I have no change are a nightmare.

A Dryer

If I didn't despise washing clothes before I cannot stand it now. Dryers are pretty much non-existent in my little town in Spain. The clothes are hung up with clothespins outside where they sometimes get the wet/dry smell or I have to put them against a heater hoping they don't catch on fire. ( I am being dramatic)

Time Zones

Currently, I am 9 hours ahead of all my friends and family members in California. I only can talk to them early in the morning on their way to work or late at night. Communication begins to dwindle after a while unless we make an effort to call one another at each others optimal time for conversation.

Always having Wifi

Back home, most of the places I spend time at have amazing wifi. I don't have to worry about Facebook being blocked or videos not streaming. I rely on Wifi to communicate back home and without it, I feel extremely vulnerable.

Conversions Euros/Kilos

In Europe, they convert things differently. When you ask how far something is you get kilometers instead of miles. Want to see if your luggage is overweight, forget it, hope you can convert to kilos.

It's the small things things that I miss. If you're living in America currently, don't take advantage of these treasures, hold them and keep them close. Someone is missing them dearly (me).

Ever felt homesick? Drop a comment below and tell me how you really feel!