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Cape Town, South Africa is a breath-taking city with amazing views and inviting people. I had the opportunity to live there for 8 weeks as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher where I was able to talk with locals to create this list of awesome ways to rock the picturesque city of Cape Town.


This mountain gives the most amazing views of the city! You can either put on your best fitness shoes and hike it, which will take between 2-4 hours depending on fitness level or take the 5 minute cable car to the top for about $20 dollars.

Cable Car

Most people underestimate the hike and its difficulty, so be prepared for a strenuous work-out. There are multiple trails ranging from easy(walking) to hard (climbing) up the mountain. Be prepared! Bring a jacket because the mountain tends to get extremely windy!


During apartheid, black people were forced from "white only" areas and placed in urban underdeveloped communities called townships. Learning the dense history of these areas explained by local people is a cultural experience like no other.

My local guide, who lived in the Langa township, walked us through the bustling community into the homes of inviting hosts who shared their experiences living in these areas. Some hosts lived in shacks like the picture above, while others lived in the "Beverly Hills" of the townships as below. This authentic opportunity should not be passed when visiting Cape Town.

"Beverly Hills"

LaGugu Tours via Hop on& Hop City Tours

3. Drive through Chapman's Peak Drive...and stop for photos!!!

Chapman's Peak Drive is a winding toll road with beautiful views of the mountains and adjacent sea. It is regarded as one of the most scenic routes in the world. Make sure to visit the road while the sun is setting to get those sunset views.

4. spend a day at v&a Waterfront

The Waterfront is one of Cape Town's popular attractions that boast views of Table Mountain and old world charm.

Taste foods from around the world at the V&A Market. From tacos to the local African cuisine, this market has everything.

Photo by insideguide.co.za

Shop till you drop at the Watershed

Photo by www.southerndestinations.com

5. take a ferry to robben island

The infamous Robben Island is known to most as the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for more than a decade. Past non-violent offenders are local guides of this now empty prison which is a reminder of South Africa's apartheid era. Many political prisoners were kept here and treated inhumanely by prison guards.

6. chill with the penguins at boulders beach

In the quaint area of Simonstown, Boulders Beach is home to the African penguin! Yes, there are penguins in the motherland. It's crazy to see these furry little birds digging in the sand and running from waves.

You can pay to enter Boulders Beach for less than 10 dollars or you can check the surrounding paths where you can see them up close and personal for free! Just don't try to touch them , they have a pretty bad bite.

7. party on long street

This is the place to party. There are bars and nightclubs packed with people from everywhere just trying to have a good time. As with most cities at night, be sure to be aware of pickpockets.

Photo by gugusplum.wordpress.com

8. have a drink at hout bay market

Hout Bay Market is a weekend favorite spot with local bands, hearty foods, and authentic souvenirs. It's the perfect way to spend a Friday evening.

9. pose in the bo-Kaap Neighborhood

In Central Cape Town, you can find this little treasure of a community. Bo-Kaap is a neighborhood with pops of serious color. Enjoy the photo shoot you will have once you arrive, trust me, it WILL be a photo shoot.

10. grab a treat at charly's bakery

Charly's Bakery is a must when looking for something for that sweet tooth. They have the cutest designs on their treats and the environment screams cutesy yet badass. And of course they have this giant sign in the front that is amazing for photos (clearly i enjoy taking photos).

11. take surfing lessons at muizenberg beach

Now, I am going to be completely honest. After shark cage diving, the ocean was not the place i wanted to be. I never did try the surfing lessons but i know some people who did and loved their experience. Maybe next time i will gain the courage but for now I think I'm good. Check out my shark cage diving video to get some insight!

Hope you enjoyed "11 ways to rock cape town"

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