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Did you follow my #loveyourlayover advice and have a quick stop in Cairo, Egypt? Are you wondering what to do in the city in a short amount of time?

Cairo, home to the ancient Pyramids of Giza, is a must stop destination for travelers across the globe. Here you will find fun-filled authentic things to do for your short time in Cairo! I recommend 10+ hours to really enjoy what this city has to offer.

Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

From the airport, you can take a taxi straight to the gates of the pyramids. You have to be extremely cautious before getting into a taxi. Agree on a price and ask the driver to take you to the ENTRANCE of the pyramids. Once you arrive, be weary of people selling souvenirs. Most of these men and women are simply trying to provide for their families but can be very assertive in the process. Some people will even try to give you a "free" gift then accusing you of stealing 5 minutes later. Most souvenirs in this area are not made in Egypt.

After dealing with the sellers, you can really take in the awesomeness that is the pyramids. You have the option of going inside of the tight passages ( pass if your claustrophobic) or taking a camel ride. Do not spend more than 100 Egyptian Pounds for the camel ride!

At the entrance of the pyramids

A short walk from the pyramid is the massive stone Sphinx. There has been much speculation in the #woke community on why the nose is no longer on the Sphinx. After speaking with a local guide, the majority of Egyptians believe in the possibility of 2 causes.

1. Pharoahs knocked off the nose to destroy the the previous Pharoahs chance of staying in the afterlife. Egyptians believed if a statue was "defaced" then they wouldn't be able to go on in the afterlife.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte shot the nose off because it displayed African features which he clearly did not like.

The latter is more widely believed.

Visit the 3 Pyramids Papyrus Institute

Learn the intricate details of the papyrus making process at the 3 Pyramids Papyrus Institute. After a small demonstration of the importance of the papyrus to the Ancient Egyptians, it's time to shop. You can find a range of authentic souvenirs here from etched initials in papyrus to elegant statues of Isis. Remember to not feel pressured by insisting salesman, if you are not interested simply say so.

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Take a Felucca Ride down the Nile River

Cruising down the Nile River in traditional Felucca (sailboat) is extremely humbling. As I was cruising down , I couldn't help but to remind myself that this was the same river Cleopatra sailed thousands of years ago. Some companies even offer lunch on the boats! I did notice pieces of trash floating through the river and during the day it was very smoggy so I wasn't able to get the best pictures. I recommend a sunset ride to get the best experience.

Courtesy of etltravel.com

Eat street food

Cairo has some of the most delicious street food. I'm from LA, so I was not familiar with the shawarmas and falafels because I'm so busy shoving tacos in my face. Try any of the plentiful options while walking around the city.

Visit the Bazaar

Bazaar's are on my top 3 list of things to do wherever I travel. A Bazaar is simply a flea market where you can bargain for almost anything! Smiling at people in the streets (some smiles were not returned) and smelling the aromas of chopped wood and lotus flower perfumes made this my favorite part of the day. I had people come to me trying to sell eloquent necklaces , car chargers, topaz pyramids, and even Remy hair!

I hope you enjoyed this Ultimate Guide to 16 hours in Cairo! If your itching for more, check out my new post "11 Ways to Rock Cape Town.

It was amazing being in this modern city that held so many ancient stories. If you would feel more comfortable with a guide check out emotours.com. Go ELSEWHERE

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